• Home Repair Kits
    Home Repair Kits Disaster Aid Home Repair Kits enable local people to rebuild their own communities.
  • Haiti - Hurricane Matthew 2016
    Haiti - Hurricane Matthew 2016 Disaster Aid responded with Sawyer Water filters and Home Repair Kits.
  • Ecuador 2016
    Ecuador 2016 Disaster Aid helps rebuild homes after devastating earthquake.
  • Nepal - Earthquake 2016
    Nepal - Earthquake 2016 Disaster Aid Response Teams bring emergency aid to earthquake ravaged country, including shelter and Home Repair Kits
  • SkyHydrants
    SkyHydrants Disaster Aid funded SkyHydrants provide drinking water to villages in rural areas.
  • Sawyer Water Filters
    Sawyer Water Filters Disaster Aid funded water filters provide clean drinking water after disasters like cyclones or earthquakes.
  • Vanuatu
    Vanuatu Disaster Aid Response Teams help distribute aid after Cyclone Pam.
  • South Sudan
    South Sudan Disaster Aid provides shelter for drought returnees
  • Philippines
    Philippines Disaster Aid Australia’s work continues in the Philippines as we help communities rebuild after Typhoon Haiyan
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10th Anniversary of Disaster Aid International

As Disaster Aid International (DAI) celebrates its 10th Birthday in October its appropriate to reflect on our journey.

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At the Rotary International Convention of 2010 in Montreal representatives of the newly formed Disaster Aid Australia met up with Rotarians from similar organisations in the USA and Canada to talk about international co-operation.

By October 2010 the the three initial partners were joined by the British charity 'LifeBox'   and Disaster Aid International was formally launched as a partnership between Disaster Aid Australia, Disaster Aid USA, Disaster Aid Canada and Disaster Aid UK and Ireland.

Initial aid deployments were to India and Pakistan as a result of floods, other early deployments were to; the Sudan, Haiti, the Horn of Africa, and the Philippines.

As the organisation gained experience follow up reviews of aid delivery revealed that many of the components of the Family Survival Boxes were not being used.

Other Partners

Over the ten years the Disaster Aid concept has attracted Rotary Clubs from other countries including Brazil, Czech Republic,India, Malaysia, New Zealand and Uruguay.

The individual organisations though separate come together to support each other when responding to disasters with support ranging from financial and material help to sending volunteer Disaster Aid Response Teams (DARTs) for hands on aid delivery.

Aid Delivery

Initially Aid was delivered in the form of Family Survival Packs (FSP).

Over time individual partners have modified their aid delivery from the standardised (FSP) approach to regionally and situationally appropriate aid.

Examples of this are:

Smart Aid

An approach of asking the communities that we are aiding what they want and then aiming to purchase the materials as close to the disaster location as possible.IMG 1975 preview

 Typically the requirements are help repairing and/or rebuilding their homes, and the provision of safe drinking water.

Disaster Aid TrailersTrailer

Disaster USA in addition to responding to international disasters also respond to internal disasters such as floods and tornados.

To save time they have a number of trailers around the states ready for immediate deployment

Each trailer contains equipment and materials that enable them to offer assistance withing minutes of arriving on site.

Safe Water for Every Child

Bongos Village 2Disaster Aid Australia though its work in providing safe water for disasters saw that the SkyHydrant units were resulting in long term health benefits to the recipients.

As a result the 'Safe Water for Every Child'  program was developed to instal permanent skyhydrant installations, a response to the worldwide disaster of hundreds of thousands of deaths annually as a result of contaminated water.

Rotary International Recognition

In 2019 the efforts of Disaster Aid International were recognised by being awarded the status of Collaborating Organisation.


collaberating logo




DAUK & Ireland and DAA Helping Children In Dhaka

The two Disaster Aid International partners have combined in a a Bangladesh response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Rotary Club of Dhaka Royal identified the Dhaka Children's Hospital as urgently needing support to treat babies affected with the disease.Dhaka Hospital 1

The two partners agreed to the joint funding of a Baby Bubble CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine for the hospital.

This machine is critical for treating babies affected by COVID-19.

When the pandemic subsides it will have a continuing use for babies with breathing difficulties.

The Dhaka Shishu (Children) Hospital is the only specialist paediatric hospital In Bangladesh.

With around 100,000 outpatients a year, and up to  800 children visiting the hospital each day they are always busy.

The hospital has surgical wards, a nutrition unit, a blood disease and cancer center, and a burns unit.

There is also an emergency center and an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) which is currently dealing with COVID 19 affected children.

Dhaka Hospital 2




COVID -19 Responses Around The World

Around the World Disaster Aid partners are responding to COVID-19

Disaster Aid Brazil


The Disaster Aid Brazil team aquired hand sanitizer, masks, disposable gloves, and disinfectant.COVID 3

This has been re-packed and delivered to all Rotary Clubs in District 4740.

The clubs will then arange distribution to hospitals and NGOs in South Brazil.

The project was supported by a US$25,000 from the Rotary Foundation Disaster Fund.


Disaster Aid MalaysiaCOVID 4

Disaster Aid Malaysia have been working on a joint project with Rotary District 3310.

This has involved purchasing and distributing santizers and face masks.

They are also supporting the needy with supplies of rice. 


Disaster Aid USA



Since March 2020, DAUSA has provided relief aid items worldwide by tapping into factory and supply partners, including contacts in China.COVID 7

Disaster Aid USA is providing a desperately needed Humanitarian service of PPE such as medical face masks, KN95 masks, gloves, and gowns.

To date, DAUSA has secured and distributed more than 40,000 PPEs.

Additional units are in route to the United States for Disaster Aid USA’s deployment, bringing their total distribution to: 115,000+.

Rotarians and other community volunteers and donors have been handling all of the distribution of the PPEs.

Distribution has been everywhere from local recreation centers and senior centers to first responders and medical facilities as well as others who are in high need.


Disaster Aid Australia


 Disaster AId Australia has been assisting its Philippine partner Balay Mindanaw  by;

  • Providing grants for the purchase of rice to distribute to needy families.
  • Providing a SkyHydrant to a displaced persns camp to allow access to clean water.


Disaster Aid Canada


Disaster Aid Canada has just begun an appeal to help the Mayan Villagers in the Lake Atitlán area of Guatemala.
They have been working with these people for several years and have contacts who can bring them food and aid.
They are in danger of starvation due to the COVID-19 lockdown of their villages.  to Help you can  donate through - https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/49533


Disaster Aid Partners Combine In India


 A project to provide 8 Goverment. Ashram Schools in MokhadaJawhar Palghar district with safe Drinking Water has recently been completed

The photographs show the installation at the Government Ashram School, Palsunda.

The idea for the project was initiated in 2014 by the Diganta Swaraj Foundation of Mumbai who initially contacted Dharmendra Gangrade of Disaster Aid India and Palm Beach Rotary Club, Navi Mumbai.

Dharmendra  contacted Disaster Aid Australia about their SkyHydrant ultrafiltration solution.

Navi Mumbai

Other funding partners were Rotary Club of Endeavor Hills (Australia), the Rotary Foundation  and the Bay Diligence Foundation.

This project has directly benefited 8,500 school children, staffs, and some villager in that area.

This region has been neglected and backward with local people having NO access to clean and safe drinking water with many suffering from Waterborne diseases.





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