DAM helps Jehai Orang Asli

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The Jehai Orang Asli community is located in the Royal Belum Forest.

The Rotary Club of Bandar Utama has been supporting the community for some time

Initially seven homes in the village were destroyed by rampaging wild elephants.

Elephant Damage

Following the damage the affected villagers initially moved to a houseboat, but this unfortunatly sank in a storm.

Disaster Aid Malaysia have been working with the RCBU and its members to help with the recovery.

Funds contributed have been used to purchase the following tools and building materials:

  1. A generator
  2. LED Lights
  3. Cutting Saw
  4. Zinc sheet (as roof for houses)
  5. Tents
  6. Nails
  7. Wire

Rebuilding Underway