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Disaster Aid have been providing SkyHydant Water Filters since 2011.

These ultrafiltration units remove dirt and bacteria from water without the use of chemicals or needing a power source.

The smaller GEM SkyHydrant can provide 5,000 litres/day of high quality filtered water.

Its small size, and weight (13kg), makes it highly suitable for disaster deployment.

The larger MAX SkyHydrant is capable of delivering 10,000 litres/day of filtered water for ten years before membrane replacement is needed.

This which makes it more suitable for permanent ‘Safe Water For Every Child’ Deployments.

With a weight of 18kg it is still possible to travel with our volunteers as checked in luggage.

The units are extremely simple to operate and require the absolute minimum of mechanical devices, such as pumps, in the process.

The video below provides an explanation of the SkyHydrant.

SkyJuice Foundation

Disaster Aid purchase SkyHydrants through the SkyJuice Foundation.

Rhett Butler

The SkyJuice Foundation is an Australian non-profit foundation set up by the inventor of the SkyHydrant, Professor Rhett Butler.

The Foundation supplies units to several aid charities in addition to Disaster Aid International partners.

The foundation also carries out installations in its own right, often supervised by Rhett