Ukraine Aid Delivered

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Response Management

The closest Disaster AId International partner to the Ukraine, Prague based Disaster Aid Europe (DAE), has been in constant contact with Ukrainian Rotarians since the begining of the Crisis.

This has ensured they are clear in what is needed.

Aid Collection

DAE has been acting as a collection point for the items needed by the people affected by the crisis.

Materials on the way from Belgium

Aid equipment, and donations for locally purchased materials have been shipped to Prague from:

  • Rotarians across Europe.
  • Disaster Aid Internatioal partners as far away as Australia and the Americas.

Stage 1 Delivery

Last week the first delivery mission set off from Prague to Kosice In Slovakia, close to the Ukraine border.

Setting off from Prague

In Kovice they were deliverd to a emergency warehouse that has been provided by a local Rotarian.

Kovice Emergency warehouse

Stage 2 Delivery

Almost immediatly the materials were transferred to Ukrainian vans.

The vans are operaterd by Ukrainian students who take the equipment over the boder to Uzhorod.

Ukrainian Students driving materials from Kovice.

Once in Uzhorod the further distribution in managed by local Rotarians.

You can make a donation to Disaster aid Europe by clicking on the Donate link below:


You can also check if your local Disaster Aid International partner is running a Ukraine Appeal at the following link: Disaster Aid International Partners