Safe Water for Every Child

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Disaster Aid Australia discovered that several months after a disaster the continued use of a Skyhydrant, installed during the disaster, resulted in an overall improvement to community health.

The opportunity to respond to the ongoing disaster of over 800 million people around the world subject to poor water quality prompted Disaster Aid Australia to start the project ‘Safe Water for Every Child.

The project involves installing permanent SkyHydrant installations in communities, schools, and hospitals.

Reductions in illnesses of more than 80% have been recorded following completion of installations.

The Project has since been adopted by Disaster Aid Malaysia.


Although this is a huge task hundreds of installations have been completed with over a hundred thousand of people now receiving safe drinking water.

Check on our progress on our World Map

Sponsor A SkyHydrant

Service Clubs, Individuals, and Companies are all invited to Sponsor a SkyHydrant.

Contact Disaster Aid Australia at for further information.