How to join Disaster Aid International

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Initial Approach

This can be:

  1. Representatves of a Rotary Club expressing interest in setting up a Country Disaster Aid Organisation
  2. A DAI Partner making an approach to a group or an individual that they think may be interested in joining DAI.

Becoming a Prospective Member

Step 1: Obtain the agreement of a Rotary Club (or Clubs), or a Rotary District to sponsor them.

Step 2: Sign an initial Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) covering:

  • A period of 2 years from signing the MoU to achieve member status as either a full Country Partner or a Deployment Partner (If not ready to proceed in either role at the end of that time, will cease to be a Prospective Member and leave)
  • The use of all DAI logos while being a prospective member and, if leaving before becoming either a full Country Partner or Deployment Partner, an agreement to immediately cease using such logos.
  • Acceptance of the DAI MoU and Byelaws

Initial Period

Prospective Members will be encouraged to participate in DAI Council meetings – but would not be able to vote at those meetings. 

No later than 2 years after signing the Prospective Member MoU, the Prospective Member decides which type of Partner they wish to become and, if having satisfied the requirements of Rotary sponsorship and other criteria sign an agreement to adopt the DAI MoU and Byelaws, and, if a Country Partner pay the annual fee.


To help and guide prospective new members through the whole process, a mentoring scheme will be available.  This will be provided by representatives of one or more existing Country Partners.  This would take place virtually by Zoom or equivalent and by emails and any other forms of communication as appropriate. 

The mentoring would continue to be available even after a new member has chosen to join Disaster Aid International.

More Information

More information can be obtained from the Chair of DAI, or the Secretary

Check the contact page for addresses: Contact