First SkyHydrant for Albania

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Following the Albanian Earthquake in 2019 Disaster Aid Europe (DAE) travelled to the country to help.

Following a needs assessment conducted with the Rotary Club of Duress clean water was identified as a key concern.

The first location identified for a Skyhydrant was for students of the university campus in Duress.

This had been close to the earthquake epicentre.

DAE raised the funds and worked with the Rotary Club on the installation.

They were aided by Disaster Aid Australia, who shipped the SkyHydrant, to the partners, and provided technical support via ZOOM.

The unit, which provides clean water for 2000 students, was handed over in July 2021.

The team at the tap stand for the official handover
If you would like to help Disaster Aid Europe continue their support for safe drinking water in Albania contact them through their website @