Disaster Aid Uruguay

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The Rotary Club of Plaza Matrix has taken on the role of disseminating information about Disaster Aid, an invaluable humanitarian service.

Key factors in their interest are:

  • Disaster Aid International is a venture born within the Rotary itself in order to offer assistance after a natural disaster or human – caused event.
  • The aim to ensure that every child has access to potable water.
  • Being a 100% Rotary venture, it takes advantage of Rotary networks and connects with survivors in affected areas in order to provide the assistance needed.
  • Disaster Aid send their own volunteers Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) to liaise with affected locals.

Now, Plaza Matriz welcomes the opportunity to include Rotarians in Uruguay to raise funds to support the goals of the Disaster Aid International at both regional and international levels.

For more information on how your club can join Matriz Square and make a difference, do not hesitate to contact

Mariana Rezk: maiarezk@gmail.com

Analía Arbuet: anitaarbuet@hotmail.com

Erin Mills:erin.michaela@gmail.com

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