• Nepal
    Nepal Disaster Aid Response Teams bring emergency aid to earthquake ravaged country.
  • SkyHdrants in the Philippines
    SkyHdrants in the Philippines Disaster Aid funded SkyHydrants provide drinking water after Typhoon Haiyan
  • Vanuatu Aid
    Vanuatu Aid Disaster Aid Response Teams help distribute aid after Cyclone Pam.
  • Vanuatu Drinking Water
    Vanuatu Drinking Water Disaster Aid funded water filters provide clean drinking water after Cyclone Pam
  • Nepal Earthquake
    Nepal Earthquake DART team and emergency supplies arrive in Nepal.

We deliver innovative humanitarian aid solutions to people in developing countries who have suffered loss following natural or other disasters. And, importantly, a new start.

Rotarians, working to rebuild communities ... together.

Aid Solutions


Disaster Aid International has a variety of specialised disaster relief packs for rapid response.

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Sawyer Filter
The Sawyer all-in-one water filter provides emergency drinking water.
Producing up to 10,000 litres of clean drinking water a day.
Family Survival Packs
A Family Survival Pack provides a family with the basic tools to rebuild their lives.

Featured News

Disaster Aid New Zealand

A project of the Rotary Club of Wellington (supported by RC Port Nicholson and RC Karori)
Discussions held at the 2014 Rotary Zone Institute in Wellington, have led to Disaster Aid New Zealand (DANZ) being officially launched at a meeting of the Rotary Club of Wellington on 16 November 2015. It was attended by representatives of Disaster Aid International and Disaster Aid Australia.
DAA News Update SUMMER 2015-16 Page 1 Image 0003

At the launch [L-R]: William Sommerville (RC Wellington), Bob Powell, DAA chairman, David Langworthy (DAI chairman), Kane Patena (RC Wellington and DANZ chairman)

We hear from the United Nations about our work in Sudan

DAA-News-Update-UN-Sudan-0001We have delivered aid into Sudan over recent years to provide some assistance during the longstanding and bloody conflict between North and South Sudan that has affected countless people. Our Family Survival Packs, with our own tents were prominent in those deliveries.
This month, we were pleasantly surprised, and extremely pleased to receive an email and photographs from an aid worker with the United Nations (Peacekeeping Operations). For security reasons that person has asked that we do not use their name. The email read:
“This is just a random email - I saw your tents in the disputed border zone between Sudan and South Sudan while doing an inter-agency assessment and decided to take a few snapshots for you to see that they are being used. Saw them in a village called Miyadol where people who were displaced during the conflict are coming back.”
Kind regards – (name withheld)

First Stage of Deployment Completed in Nepal


And Australian DARTs continue with the vital relief effort …

Dave Tuzewski (South Australia) and Peter Hazell (UK) have handed over to Australians Di Holland (Team Leader) and Jenny Greer, and Michael McKeever from the USA. Their task will be to adapt our deployment to the impact of the forthcoming monsoon using local solutions where possible. Di Holland (from Echuca Vic.) was recently on a long-term deployment with Disaster Aid International in Vanuatu.

Brief report on our work to date Building materials and other aid items, including 123 tents have been distributed to previously identified villages. While there is some semblance of 'normality' in Kathmandu, in contrast to the hope that greeted our team, this has now turned to impatience and panic as people, still in need of shelter, face the imminent monsoon. It will bring serious difficulties with many villages now cut off by damaged roads and significant landslides.

Disaster Aid in Nepal


Disaster Aid response Teams have been busy bringing emergency supplies to earthquake-ravaged Nepal.


Home Repair Kits in Vanuatu

DSCN1247 DSCN1252

Our team of volunteers in Vanuatu has now distributed a number of home repair kits, which were purchased locally to boost the local economy. When Cyclone Pam hit some weeks ago, many lost all their possessions and belongings - houses, fishing boats, clothing. Rebuilding after a major disaster is very difficult, even for a population as resilient as that of Vanuatu.

We have now distributed individual water filters and home repair kits. Yet the needs are still great. Over the coming weeks we will keep working with the people of Vanuatu to assist with their challenge in having access to clean water. In Vanuatu under half of the rural population has access to safe drinking water.

Help us make a different for the people of Vanuatu by donating for this cause. Long after the images of the cyclone stop making the news, we will continue to work with this population to find sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.

We're on the ground in Vanuatu

And, working alongside local Rotarians and others, we will be there for the long haul, helping rebuild communities … and lives

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Disaster Aid International  has deployed DARTs (Disaster Aid Response Team members) Dianne Holland (Australia) and Wayne Beaumier(USA) to Vanuatu. They  arrived  on Thursday 26 March. Their initial assessment – working within the communities, and with other aid organisations – confirmed the priority was for clean, safe water. That is confirmed in reports by the UN agency OCHA: "110,000 need clean safe drinking water".