• Shelter Repair Kits deployed in Fiji
    Shelter Repair Kits deployed in Fiji Disaster Aid Response Teams complete deployments of shelter repair kits to the first group of 4 villages .
  • Fiji - Cyclone Winston
    Fiji - Cyclone Winston Disaster Aid is currently building a response to the devastation of Fiji.
  • Nepal
    Nepal Disaster Aid Response Teams bring emergency aid to earthquake ravaged country.
  • SkyHdrants in the Philippines
    SkyHdrants in the Philippines Disaster Aid funded SkyHydrants provide drinking water after Typhoon Haiyan
  • Vanuatu Aid
    Vanuatu Aid Disaster Aid Response Teams help distribute aid after Cyclone Pam.
  • Vanuatu Drinking Water
    Vanuatu Drinking Water Disaster Aid funded water filters provide clean drinking water after Cyclone Pam
  • Nepal Earthquake
    Nepal Earthquake DART team and emergency supplies arrive in Nepal.

We deliver innovative humanitarian aid solutions to people in developing countries who have suffered loss following natural or other disasters. And, importantly, a new start.

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Disaster Aid International has a variety of specialised disaster relief packs for rapid response.

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Sawyer Filter
The Sawyer all-in-one water filter provides emergency drinking water.
Producing up to 10,000 litres of clean drinking water a day.
Family Survival Packs
A Family Survival Pack provides a family with the basic tools to rebuild their lives.

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Disaster Aid New Zealand

A project of the Rotary Club of Wellington (supported by RC Port Nicholson and RC Karori)
Discussions held at the 2014 Rotary Zone Institute in Wellington, have led to Disaster Aid New Zealand (DANZ) being officially launched at a meeting of the Rotary Club of Wellington on 16 November 2015. It was attended by representatives of Disaster Aid International and Disaster Aid Australia.
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At the launch [L-R]: William Sommerville (RC Wellington), Bob Powell, DAA chairman, David Langworthy (DAI chairman), Kane Patena (RC Wellington and DANZ chairman)

Disaster Aid International helping to rebuild in Fiji

DARTs start planning and assessments on Fiji – and receive a message of support from Bear Grylls

Our Disaster Aid Respose Team (the DARTs) is now in place in Fiji.  Howard Bradfield (Australia) was the first to arrive followed by Team Leader Peter  Hazell (UK), Steve Lister ( UK) and Wayne Beaumier (USA).

As is the case for any planned deployment, a lot of ground work is required to coordinate with the other  local and international support agencies, including local Rotary groups, before even making the first assessment trips. An important part of this process is participation in the  Shelter Cluster meetings organised under the umbrella of the UN.  Given theses early stages of recovery, the cluster meeting on 10 March was only able to  disseminate key statistics and data as it is still awaiting meaningful information from the field.  However, the consensus was that the greatest need was for rebuilding or repairing houses.

The next few days were spent sourcing material to make up shelter repair kits  and planning their first assessment trip  A major challenge for the former being the acute shortage of corrugated iron for roofing.


Ensuring safe drinking water for upland communities of Cagayan de Oro

For some of us, satisfying our thirst with clean and safe drinking water is as simple as filling a glass from a faucet or a water dispenser. This is not the case for most people living in the rural barangays of Cagayan de Oro, where access to a safe drinking water is no longer as simple as it used to be.

Among these barangays is Tuburan, one among the eighty Cagayan de Oro City communities. The barangay is located about kilometers southwest of the city center. 

cagayan de oro14

The community stated that the increasing water stress was due to mismanagement of their water sources. Among their expressed examples of mismanagement was the rampant mining activities in the past years. Mining, they said, posed a threat to a clean water supply in the upland barangays, especially among the children. The deterioration in water quality continued over the years. In 2015, the variations and extremes in the weather patterns further diminished the quantity of their supply.

Fiji - Cyclone Winston

Cyclone Winston has left more than 40 people confirmed dead, with some 14,000 people sheltering in 274 evacuation centres around Fiji.

The UN reports that hundreds of homes and many schools and vital infrastructure have been damaged or destroyed.

Disaster Aid International (Aust.) is working to provide desperately needed aid to Fijians after the cyclone’s horrendous devastation. That includes liaising with our Rotary contacts and agencies in that country. Aid groups and government authorities are now racing to deal with a critical need for clean water, health supplies and emergency accommodation.

Your donation will help Disaster Aid International (Aust.) respond with Family Survival Packs, Home Repair Kits and, most importantly SkyHydrant™ water purification systems and Sawyer water filters.

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Shelter Repair Kits deployed in Fiji

On 24 an 28 March, the team successfully completed two deployments of shelter repair kits to the first group of 4 villages on their deployment plan. The have also under taken pre-delivery assessment trips to the remaining 5 villages who are due to receive their shelter repair kits on 31 March and 1 April.

It is often hard for those not involved in a disaster aid deployment to understand the intense amount of assessments, consultations, planning and logistics that is needed for a successful deployment. However, this work is essential to ensure that those in most need can be identified, to find out what they need and then source the materials while avoiding any duplication of effort from other aid agencies.