Disaster Aid USA’s Tornado Response

Disaster Aid USA Domestic Response Team in District 6190 responded Easter Sunday  to a Tornado that ripped through Monroe and West Monroe Louisiana.

The following two photographs show the effect of the Tornado



Even with the COVID-19 Virus DA USA knew they needed to go and help.

They contacted local police and first responders with the their team capabilities and their DA USA Response Trailer‘s equipment and were put to work clearing roads with their Chainsaws.

They continued working in following days clearing downed trees in neighborhoods of need tasked by the local Emergency Operations Centers. 

March 2020 Tornado Houses

A demonstration that ‘Service above Self’ means just that.

Hurrican Dorian

With Hurricane Dorian finally moving away from Grand Bahama the devastation is clear to see. 

The Rotary Club of Nassua has been erecting pre-positioned Disaster Aid Tents and Family Survival Packs.

The tents have been erected close to the Odessy Airport to house evacuees from other islands.

DARTs from Disaster Aid USA will be arriving today (Monday 9th Sept) with Sawyer Water Filters.

Further filters will be arriiving in the following days together with tarpaulins for temporary repair of homes.

The following Disaster Aid partners are involved in the response;

Disaster Aid USA

Disaster Aid  UK and Ireland

Disaster Aid Canada

Disaster Aid Brazil

Check the above links to keep updated, and support their work to help those affected by this terrible storm.

Hurricane Idai

The initial response to the Mozambique disasters was by a DARTs from Australia.

While in country they were supported by Rotarians in Mozambique and South Africa.

Volunteers Dave Tuzewski and Peter Collins have been training the local people in the use of the Sawyer Filters.

Each filter when fitted to a bucket provides safe drinking water for a family.

The filters were donated by Disaster Aid Australia, and its Disaster Aid Partners in Canada and Brazil.

Two DAUK & Ireland DART Volunteers, Peter Hazell and Suzie Vaill, arrived in Mozambique on June 4th carrying a further 100 Sawyer water filters.

While in country they worked closely with the Chimoio Rotary Club and Rotary Club of Beira.

Coordination was with Mozambique National Institute of Disaster Management and both WASH and Shelter Clusters

In addition to distributing the Water filters they also worked on shelter projects.

76 families in 2 villages of Machacuaari and Machabonha were supported in the construction of transitional shelters.

The support included:

  • Information on building back better
  • Purchasing materials 
  • Transport

 More information can be found on the Disaster UK and Ireland website

International Project to Help Colombian Children

Safe drinking water is being delivered to 48 Colombian School with SkyHydrants.

Until now the schools, in both suburban and rural locations, received untreated  water from community aqueducts.

Now SkyHydrants will be filtering the drinking water to remove all bacteria.

The project involved the following participants: 

  • 10 Rotary clubs in District 4281, led by the Rotary Club of Bogota, Teuaquilla.
  • Disaster Aid International, led by Disaster Aid Australia
  • Rotary Clubs from Australia, Canada USA, and Britain, led by the Endeavour Hills Rotary Club.
  • SkyJuice Foundation

The installations commenced with Rhett Butler of the SkyJuice Foundation leading a training session for the Colombian Rotarians.

If you want to support Disaster Aid Australia’s ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ projects see their DONATE PAGE