A massive earthquake and its aftershocks killed thousands and destroyed property on an unimaginable scale.

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The first phase of the deployment in Nepalis being lead by one of our most experienced DART, Dave Tuzewski (Adelaide, Australia), with the support of one of our newest DARTs, Peter Hazell (Norwich, UK).

Communications and transport in Nepal were still a major issue

This was an initial brief report from Dave:

Very rough roads, never the less we identified 3 communities that meet our criteria of being remote, having had little or no aid so far and have been very badly affected by the quakes.

Aproximately 50 suitable sites were identified as being available and safe.

Many people are prepared to sacrifice their meager agricultural land for shelter and also move their precious livestock.

Shelter is very much needed here and with the monsoon not far away time is precious.

The terrain and land use limits where we can safely locate tents. So all sites are spread over a wide and hilly area.

All villages and sites still had electricity, safe drinking water, and basic sanitation.

They also have ongoing support from Ashok and Rotary.



Second DARTs deployed

Dave Tuzewski (South Australia) and Peter Hazell (UK) hand over to Australians Di Holland (Team Leader) and Jenny Greer, with Michael McKeever from the USA.

Their task was to adapt our deployment to the impact of the forthcoming monsoon using local solutions where possible.

Along with local Rotary clubs, they worked with our partners, Community Development & Relief Agency (CDRA) 

Because of an embargo on permanent construction while new design procedures are implemented they had to focus on transitional shelter solutions.

Building materials and other aid items, including 123 tents were distributed to previously identified villages.



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