After a such as a flood, cyclone or earthquake water quality in rivers and stream drops significantly.

9867 Water 1As part of their disaster response some of the Disaster Aid partner organisations have installed SkyHydrant Water Filters.

Each Skyhydrant can provide enough safe drinking water to keep 700 people safe.


The SkyHydrant Solution

Our method of achieving solution to the issues of contaminated water is by funding the setting up  water treatment facilities.

A key part of the treatment is the use of the  SkyHydrant™ Filter which is extremely effective in removing contaminated particles in water including disease carrying bacteria.

Each Skyhydrant costs around $5,000 delivered to the community.

The Skyhydrants can provide up to 1,000 litres/hour  of filtered, high quality water for up to 10 years.

The units are extremely simple to operate and require the absolute minimum of mechanical devices, such as pumps, in the process.


After A Disaster

After disasters, when the water appeared clean it has been found that with continued use of the Skyhydrant that the overall health of the community has improved.

Safe water Logo 3 page 001The humitarian ongoing disaster of over 800 million people around the world living in poverty, and subject to poor water quality prompted Disaster Aid Australia, and Disaster Aid Malaysia, to start the project 'Safe Water for Every Child'.

A huge ongoing humitarian disaster, with 400 million children are at risk, is now been tackled.


Making Progress

Although this is a huge task real progress is being achieved with tens of thousands of people now receiving safe drinking water.

Check on our progress on our World Map


Can You Help?

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