20180912 153944The Mataram Rotary Club, Lombock hosted representatives from Disaster Aid Malaysia, Disaster Aid Australia and the Kuta Rotary Club to identify how to respond to the earthquake

Mataram city itself has been affected by the earthquake but the areas to the north have been devastated.

Most brick buildings are now rubble only and most concrete buildings have significant cracking to the main structure needing demolition. 

The Rotary Club of Mataram has done a very good job of responding to the shelter needs of locals by working with international partners and the Indonesian Disaster Management Organisation BNBP.




Most water is accessed from small wells and springs often close to toilet septic tanks.

Many of the wells have been affected by the earthquake with reduced output or no water at all.

In several cases the failure was due to collapse of the well lining.

With additional use of the remaining toilets and damaged well linings there is increased risk of contamination of the well supply 

One SkyHydrant Gem has been installed in the area we visited but a further 8 sites identified.



If you want to help us support the local Rotary Clubs in delivering safe water to the people of Mataram you can make a Donation Now



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