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Disaster Aid Board Member John O'Reilly has just returned from the Philipines where he was able to inspect some recently installed SkyHydrants.


Units were installed at the Barangay Bacolod and Barangay Tawagan Communities


Just one of the many comments to John was , "My son is now able to go to college now that safe, low cost, water is available in my community."


Installation of the  SkyHydrant™ water filtration units was managed in conjunction with Balay Mindanaw.


Both units were donated by the Rotary Club of Philip Island and San Remo.

 philip island project

Report from Paul Mahata, Ph.D. Ambassador, Disaster Aid USA

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I am back from a five-week visit to India having traveled to west, south, north, and east.  

The need for clean drinking water is all over rural India. 

Disaster Aid’s challenge to Indian Rotarians:  “All children in India should have access to clean drinking water” is very appropriate.

Your hard work of carrying two  SkyHydrant™units to India as “Check-in luggage” is paying off. 

Navi Mumbai

The unit at Navi Mumbai was exhibited at the District Conference, per Dharmendra (D.G.), and it was admired by all attendees there. 

I am sure it will find its place at the demo site near Navi Mumbai very soon.



The unit at Purulia is now installed as: “SkyHydrant East  in memory of Satnam Singh Rayat", father of Permi Rayat 20016-2017 President of the Rotary Club Of Endeavour Hills.

This first Sky-Hydrant unit supplies clean drinking water to 300 students of  RSR Vidyapith high school.

Disaster Aid International's (DAI) generous donation of the SkyHydrant unit by  is appreciated by the students and the nearby village residents. 

The students love the water, and nearby village residents come and fill empty bottles and carry the water home for drinking purpose.

Our thanks to Purulia Rotary club and to RSR Vidyapith for installing the first demonstration unit of the SkyHydrant in India. 




Disaster Aid have donated  74 Sawyer Water Filters to improve Maternal Health

A collaborative relationship has been established with Emily Haanschuten community health facilitator.

Emily's roles and responsibilities, based at Ndui Ndui Health Centre from April 2016 – April 2018,  include helping the community with health awareness, capacity building, electronic health records and education in the areas of WASH, Reproductive Health and Noncommunicable diseases.

On behalf of Disaster Aid International Emily has placed the Sawyer Water Filters with the most vulnerable and needy families in West Ambae for use in maternity wards and elsewhere in the Health Centre.

Emily does a needs assessment conducted at approximately one month before baby's due date.

If required new Mothers will go home with a Sawyer water filter attached to a new bucket after being discharged from the Ndui Ndui Health Centre


We have delivered aid into South Sudan over recent years to provide some assistance during the longstanding and bloody conflict between North and South Sudan that has affected countless people.

Our Family Survival Packs, with our own tents were prominent in those deliveries.

We were pleasantly surprised, and extremely pleased to receive an email and photographs from an aid worker with the United Nations (Peacekeeping Operations).

 The email read:
“This is just a random email - I saw your tents in the disputed border zone between Sudan and South Sudan while doing an inter-agency assessment and decided to take a few snapshots for you to see that they are being used.

Saw them in a village called Miyadol where people who were displaced during the conflict are coming back.”

This is testament to the quality of our tents which were designed by Larry Agee (Disaster Aid USA  an experienced leader of many Disaster Aid Response Teams (DARTs).

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