Following the  Chiapas Earthquake our Response Team have identified a significant project at the San Cristóbal Public Hospital in Mexico.

The hospital, which treats the poorest families, has 100 beds

Every Year they treat15,000 emergencies cases with 12,000 surgical procedures a year.

The people 'camping' outside in the photograph are patients waiting for treatment, and their families, who have travelled large distances for care.

Water from the town supply is currently unfiltered so is unfit for drinking, and is often contaminated which even makes it unsuitable for cleaning and laundry.

Currently the hospital has to buy twenty five 20 litre containers of drinking water every day for potable use.

Three SkyHydrants are currently on their way to the hospital which should meet all the hospitals water requirement.

These will be installed by our Disaster Aid Response Team working with the local hospital staff.



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Hurricane Irma

irma 656x328 The devastation throughout the carribean of Hurricane Irma has resulted in considerable activity from Disaster Aid UK in both Puerto Rico and Dominica

Puerto Rico 

At the request of Disaster Aid USA  one of the experienced British Disaster Aid Response Team (DART) volunteers travelled to Puerto Rico to head up a team providing aid to the community. 

The big issue in Puerto Rico is a lack of safe potable water and the frustration of limited electrical power to filter water.

Fortunately, Disaster Aid provided personal/family water filters that do not require electricity to operate.     


The second deployment is to Dominica. 

The Rotary clubs in Dominica have been instrumental in helping get this deployment underway and the DARTS are working with them throughout their time on the island.   



The Caribbean Hurricane Appeal is still open and is being run through Disaster Aid UK

For more information check out the following link:   Hurricane Irma Appeal 





A recent front page in the Philippine Star newspaper showed  SkyHydrant™ units, provided by Disaster Aid,being used to supply safe water at Evacuation Centers in Mindanaw

starcover crop


The people in the Evacuation centres have been displace from Marawi City as a result of an armed uprising by  Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iran and Syria (ISIS).


Our local partner Balay Mindanaw 29water11are using the units  in conjunction with fire engines which cart raw water to the temporary evacuation centres 

The water is then pumped to header tanks feeding SkyHydrants™ which filter the water, and deliver it direct to the residents containers minimising the chance of contamination.

Although the uprising in Marawi is coming to an end there has been extensive damage to properties.

It may be some time before everyone can leave the evacuation centres and return to their homes.


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janek school 1

Disaster Aid Response team members Andrew Gunn and Phil Gribble recently travelled to Nepal with 2 SkyHydrants, and supervised the first installation at the  Janek School in Bhakundebesi.

The Janek school caters for 800 students from pre school to year 12.

Water supply is a ground well some 50 meters over a road from the school. 

During the 2015 earthquake the school building was damaged but continues to be used.

The students were drinking the well water and the canteen was preparing food with the same water which is contaminated with pathogens'.

The school currently runs at 5 to 10 per cent absenteeism due to the well water causing sickness.

A team of about 6 locals including school staff and a local plumber worked with Andrew and Phil on the installation of the header tank and filter.

In spite of various problems in getting suitable plumbing fittings, and being able to secure the skyhydrant in place the majority of the  installation was completed in a day. 

janek School 3


The canteen and drink taps now have safe and clean water.

It was suggested the students also take home filtered water if this will help their families.

Andrew and Phil felt that it had been wonderful to be involved this project and witness the profound happiness of the teachers and parents who saw this task completed.



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