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By 28th November two Balay Mindanaw Dream Teams were prepared to begin the work of installng Disaster Aid SkyHydrants in Barangay. Dalama in Tubod and Barangay. Mindalano in Salvador.

These were two of the barangays hit hardest by Typhoon Vinta (Tembin). 

One of the teams at the Lanao del Norte Incident Command Post, can be seen loading up their transport.

By the end of the day both units were installed and providing safe water to the residents of the two Barangays.

The following sections show the teams working hard with the local communities.

 Barangay Dalama 

Dalama 1a

Planning the installation

dalama 2a

Installing a Header tank

Barangay Mindalano 

Mindalano 1a

 SkyHydrant installation underway


Mindalano 2a

 Trying the final product



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nueva palestian

During the recent deployment to aid victims of the Chiapas Earthquake in Mexico Disaster Aid members Helene Bo Morse and Peter Newton visited the Town of Nueva Palestina.

The town had been identified by our hosts the Rotary Club of  Gutierrez as needing assistance to get safe water.

The town has a population of 8691 persons, including 4990 children living in 1952 dwellings.

Almost all of the local population is indigenous with 34% of the population speaks one of the indigenous languages, but not Spanish.

nueva palestian3

A secure site was identified at the local Church Capilla Santa Maria Guadalupe by our interpreter Rocio Cruz Garcia

The local  parish priest Luis Eduardo Beltran was happy to give us permmission to install the skyhydrant and agree to access for the townspeople can access the water for their personal use.

A nominal charge was agreed with local residents to employ a  person to ensure regular maintenance.

nueva palestian2


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Our Philippines partner, Balay Mindanaw has provided us with a further update dated December 26, 2017

Based on their initial assessment, the areas hit hardest by Tropical Storm Tembin (Vinta) are

  • Barangay Mindalano in the Municipality of Salvado, Lanao del Norte.
  • Barangay Dalama, Municipality of Tubod, the capital town of Lanao del Norte.

Current relief activities are

  • Relief assistance (Food and NFI) are mostly coming and provided by the municipal LGUs
  • Setting up of temporary shelters led by a former Mayor with help from carpenter volunteers from different barangays mobilized for the purpose.
  • Repairs to damaged roads by the municipal LGU expected to improve access within the week.
  • While the Municipal LGU can still provide the food requirements and few relief goods in the coming days, the need for potable water  remain an unaddressed problem.

Urgent needs are: 

  1. Safe drinking water
  2. Food
  3. Construction/repair of damaged houses
  4. Psycho-social support

Balay Mindanaw is immediately

  • Sending a Team to visit Brgy. Dalama and Brgy. Mindalano, to conduct actual assessments and discuss with key people how to best meet their needs.
  • Installing at least two Disaster Aid provided Sky Hydrants at strategic sites in the two Barangays.



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 A report  received on Christmas Day from Balay Mindanaw, our Philippines partner.

Typhoon Tembin (locally called Vinta) made landfall in Davao and Caraga Provinces.

Cagayan de Oro and the rest of Northern Mindanao has suffered  massive flooding submerging most parts of the city.

River water level rose to a maximum of 9.49 meters, over and above the critical level of only 5.5 meters causing flows over protective dykes.

The Office of the Cagayan de Oro City has reported over 1,602 families totalling 5,123 individuals affected.

They are presently staying in 18 Evacuation Centers in 13 barangays. 

In the entire Province of Misamis Oriental, the PDRRMC reported around 3,735 families or 14,041 individuals affected, most of them with ravaged houses, and now housed in 27 evacuation centers.

Other updates are:

  • Impassable bridges: Ysalinna (Carmen) bridge, in J. R. Borja and the Kagay-an bridge at Rodelsa area
  • Hundreds of rescued families - including many children and elderly.
  • People seen at rooftops in Barangay Consolacion and areas close to the Marcos bridge
  • Power interruption.
  • Houses and shanties washed away at Isla de Oro
  • Many riverbank communities are under 2m of water.
  • Many impassable roads.

Drinking water is a priority need



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