Our Disaster Aid Response teams are currently working in Mexico, Nepal, and Bhutan.

We thought it would be worthwhile to remind visitiors to this website how Disaster Aid Is working with communities across the world to 'Provide Safe Water For Every Child'.

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You Could Help By Giving A Community Clean Water 

janek School 3

Disaster Aid are driven by the ongoing disaster of childhood death and illness through contaminated water.

Under the Banner of Safe Water for Every Child we are  using our funds to install SkyHydrants in  villages around the world.

We help the local community to build their own skyhydrant installations to give them a sense of ownwership.

Bhutan Skyhydrant Bongo

It also allows us to keep the costs low.

A typical Skyhydrant installation means 100 -200 families can have safe water.

Each complete installation costs us around $7,000 with an initial life of up to ten years. (a replacement filter will cost less than $2,000)

If you would like to see more children having access to safe water you, your organisation, or company could support a skyhydrant installation.


 Currently we are working on projects in:





The Philipines


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Disaster Aid Response Team members Andrew Gunn and Phillip Gribble are currently in Bhutan and Nepal.

They are suppling and installing 4 SkyHydrants in Bhutan and 2 in Nepal.bongo2

Most schools in Bhutan and Nepal have unsafe drinking water which can be contaminated with dirt in the rainy season and bacteria such as E Coli, Typhus, and other diseases which cause respiratory illness’ and blindness.

Student absenteeism averages around 5% to 10% due waterborne illness.

As education is one of the best ways these generations will improve their own lives and help to continue building these nations.

Keeping these kids healthy and at school through the provision of safe water to drink and cook with is our challenge.

In selecting the sites DAA liaised with the Bhutan Education and Health Departments and also received a request from the King of Bhutan's Welfare Office.

Thanks to our in country contacts  Mr Yeshey Hoorpilla of the Rotary Club of Thimpu, and the Bhutan Toilet Organisation (BTO) we have received great local support.

Bongos Village 2

These children were delighted to try the clean water at our first installation at their school in Bongo a small village with a population of around 300.



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Following the  Chiapas Earthquake our Response Team have identified a significant project at the San Cristóbal Public Hospital in Mexico.

The hospital, which treats the poorest families, has 100 beds

Every Year they treat15,000 emergencies cases with 12,000 surgical procedures a year.

The people 'camping' outside in the photograph are patients waiting for treatment, and their families, who have travelled large distances for care.

Water from the town supply is currently unfiltered so is unfit for drinking, and is often contaminated which even makes it unsuitable for cleaning and laundry.

Currently the hospital has to buy twenty five 20 litre containers of drinking water every day for potable use.

Three SkyHydrants are currently on their way to the hospital which should meet all the hospitals water requirement.

These will be installed by our Disaster Aid Response Team working with the local hospital staff.



If you want to support our Life Saving Aid to communities around the world you can make a Donation Now




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