Ted Burton

The success of Disaster Aid in being able to respond to communities in need is built on the effort of Volunteer Speakers.

Ted Burton has been working away at raising funds around Tasmania for many years.

Ted joined the Rotary Club of Youngtown in 1989 and has been an active member since, including two terms as Club President.

In 2010 the Rotary Club signed on to be the coordinating club for Disaster Aid in District 9830 (Tamania)

Ted became chairman of clubs Disaster Aid Australia committee and be actively involved in organising fund raising activities.

Ted finds the enthusiastic response received when talking to clubs about the Sky Hydrant Water Filter and promoting the Safe Water for Every Child program is very rewarding.

He also says "The opportunity to meet new people and make new friends in the clubs and organisations visited has given me an added interest to keep me active".


In financial year 2016-2017 over $40,000 was raised from Tasmanian Rotary Clubs and individual donations from Tasmania,

We would like to express our gratitude to Ted, The Rotary Club of Youngtown, and all who donated.

Volunteers Speakers

If you would like a Volunteer Speaker at your service Club, or would like to take on the role of a Volunteer Speaker contact us for more information





Problem with floods and tornadoes have intensified in recent years in the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina.

The Rotary Clubs of Chapecó and other cities are working hard to help in this area.

This month a big flood affected 10 cities

A Disaster Aid SkyHydrant™ was installed  in the city of Coronel Freitas by Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Chapeco

sky hydrant

Many Rotary projects support: Hospitals, Schools, Orphanages, and Individual Communities.


What many of these projects need is access to safe, low cost drinking water.


Wondering how can you provide it?


Don't reinvent the wheel! . . . . or even a water treatment plant.


Disaster Aid has experience in providing community sized water treatment in developing countries around the world.


Our projects utilise the proven SkyHydrant™ technology which can  provide 10,000 litres of biologically safe water a day without power or chemicals.


A key priority of Disaster Aid is to ensure that every child has access to clean water.


We are currently looking for partners where we can assist their project while working towards our priority.


Why not contact us to explore all opportunities  for us to work together

marawiIn May 2017, a major battle commenced between the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and members of the Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iran and Syria (ISIS).

The incident has affected residents of Marawi City. 

Over 84 thousand families have been displaced by this ongoing armed conflict 


Balay Mindanaw Responds

Balay Mindanaw, our local partner, has been one of the many organisationss that immediately responded to the crisis situation by activating the Balay Mindanaw Group Operations Center

They have organised with other local partners to provide pre-positioned resources and volunteer assistance at the Balay Mindanaw DREAM Hub.


Skyhydrants Rolemarawi response july 6

Providing potable water to affected families is one of the identified needs that had to be addressed especially for those who are staying at the Evacuation Centers (ECs).

Balay Mindanaw has lent 3 of the Disaster Aid provided, SkyHydrant™ units to help address this need, together with volunteers to manage the water distribution.

As of July 5, Balay Mindanaw has already provided a total of 74,685 liters of potable water to 1,496 families in 13 Evacuation Center in Balo-I, Pantar and Pantao-Ragat.

Additional SkyHydrants are currently on the way to the Philipines.


Need for Shelter

Balay Mindanaw have already distributed all the Disaster Aid tents and tarpaulins they held in stock.

October Update

A further 350 tents together with additional materials have now been dispatched.


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Disaster Aid Australia is a public company limited by guarantee and holds Deductible Gift Recipient [DGR] status, meaning it is entitled to receive income tax deductible gifts and tax deductible contributions.

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