A report  received on Christmas Day from Balay Mindanaw, our Philippines partner.

Typhoon Tembin (locally called Vinta) made landfall in Davao and Caraga Provinces.

Cagayan de Oro and the rest of Northern Mindanao has suffered  massive flooding submerging most parts of the city.

River water level rose to a maximum of 9.49 meters, over and above the critical level of only 5.5 meters causing flows over protective dykes.

The Office of the Cagayan de Oro City has reported over 1,602 families totalling 5,123 individuals affected.

They are presently staying in 18 Evacuation Centers in 13 barangays. 

In the entire Province of Misamis Oriental, the PDRRMC reported around 3,735 families or 14,041 individuals affected, most of them with ravaged houses, and now housed in 27 evacuation centers.

Other updates are:

  • Impassable bridges: Ysalinna (Carmen) bridge, in J. R. Borja and the Kagay-an bridge at Rodelsa area
  • Hundreds of rescued families - including many children and elderly.
  • People seen at rooftops in Barangay Consolacion and areas close to the Marcos bridge
  • Power interruption.
  • Houses and shanties washed away at Isla de Oro
  • Many riverbank communities are under 2m of water.
  • Many impassable roads.

Drinking water is a priority need



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Just days after mudslides caused by tropical storm Kai-Tak left dozen of people dead in central Philippines a new storm, Tembin, is battering the Mindanao Region

The storm hit, with sustained winds of 100 km/h and gusts up to 150 km/h.


More than 200mm of rain on top of rivers filled with flows from the Kai-Tak storm has caused major flooding with people being swept out to sea. 




Residents crossing a the river, on rafts after the bridge was destroyed in Salvador town  Photo by Jeoffrey Maitem



Local authories believe over 200 have died with the toll expected to rise further.

Also over 75,000 people have been estimated to have been displaced from their homes.

Disaster Aid's Philippines partner, Balay Mindanaw have activated their Disaster Resiliancy and Emergency Assistance Mission (DREAM) teams to help the local population.

The Dream team's resources include pre-placed equipment, such as Disaster Aid Australia supplied SkyHydrants which can produce safe drinking water without the need for power of chemicals.



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DA Malaysia Ban Chaikuan

Disaster Aid Malaysia have been busy working at improving the water supply to the Ban Chaikuan Police Border School.

This 'Safe Water for Every Child' project involved replacing existing non functional equipment with a compact Skyhydrant GEM unit.

The project also involved re-purposing their clean water dispenser, tank and pump to work with the new Skyhydrant.


To find out more about Disaster Aid Malaysia check out their facebook page.




Australian Disaster Aid Response Team members Helene Bo Morse, Peter Newton, and Di Holland  have been busy working in Chiapas over the past month.


chiapas house repair 3

Two months after the earthquake many homes still looked like this photograph.

Disaster Aid have been  helping local people build back better by providing materials including steel reinforcing to make new houses much more resistant to earthquakes.

36 housholds were identified in Nuevo Palestina, Jiquipilas and Rizo De Oro, Cintalada for repair.

A typical material list per household was: 

  • Chain reinforcing steel to link the footings to the wall
  • Steel vertical pillars for The four corners and door frame
  • 55 bags.of cement for block making & footings
  • 12 sheetsof corrugated roofing iron
  • 4 steel rafters
  • 100 roofing screws

At just over $1,000 per household.

chiapas house repair 2

chiapas house repair 1


Chiapas Hospital

Chiapas hospital

A triple SkyHydrant unit at the Chiapas Hospital has been installed 

After testing by Mexican Authorities the water has been approved as suitable for consumption.

This will result in considerable savings to the local hospital which has previously had to rely on daily purchases of bottled water.



The Ignacio Zaragoza Primary School has been re-opened following repairs to damaged classrooms.

chiapas School



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