marawiIn May 2017 the centre of Marawi City was taken over by Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iran and Syria (ISIS).

This started a six month battle before the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) could take back the city and defeat the rebels.

During this time over 84 thousand families were displaced. 

Initial Response

Disaster Aid Australia and Balay Mindanaw, our local partner immediately responded to the crisis situation by assisting in the supply of safe water with Skyhydrants and also providing tents and tarpaulins in the displaced persons camps. 

Update in 2018

Disaster Aid Australia Directors David Langworthy and Brian Ashworth were able to visit Marawi earlier this year to see how the reconstruction efforts were proceeding.

During the visit the Directors, and Balay Mindanaw representatives, were briefed by the Commander of the Bangon Marawi Task Force who are responsible for reconstruction of the city and bringing the residents back to their home city.

marawi briefing 2

The briefing included an inspection of a site being prepared for a camp to enable citizens to relocate from the initial resettlement camps many kilometers from Marawi to a location close to the city.

Over 200 Disaster Aid tents have now been erected on the site together with a SkyHydrant to supply safe drinking water.

This camp is an important step in getting people back to living close to the their place of work.



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<p><img src="/images/stories/news/2017/marawi.jpg" alt="marawi" style="margin: 10px; float: left;" />In May 2017, a major battle commenced between the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and members of the Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iran and Syria (ISIS).</p>
<p>The incident has affected residents of Marawi City.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Over 84 thousand families have been displaced by this ongoing armed conflict&nbsp;</p>
<h3>Balay Mindanaw Responds</h3>
<p>Balay Mindanaw, our local partner, has been one of the many organisationss that immediately responded to the crisis situation by activating the Balay Mindanaw Group Operations Center</p>
<p>They have organised with other local partners to provide pre-positioned resources and volunteer assistance at the Balay Mindanaw DREAM Hub.</p>
<h3>Skyhydrants Role<img src="/images/stories/news/2017/marawi-response-july-6.jpg" width="300" height="225" alt="marawi response july 6" style="margin: 10px; float: right;" /></h3>
<p>Providing potable water to affected families is one of the identified needs that had to be addressed especially for those who are staying at the Evacuation Centers (ECs).</p>
<p>Balay Mindanaw has lent 3 of the Disaster Aid provided, <strong style="color: #686868; font-family: roboto, Helvetica, Tahoma, Geneva, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;"><a href="/index.php/packs/aid-solutions" style="background: transparent; color: #2053a2;">SkyHydrant™</a></strong><span style="color: #686868; font-family: roboto, Helvetica, Tahoma, Geneva, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 16px;"></span> units to help address this need, together with volunteers to manage the water distribution.</p>
<p>As of July 5, Balay Mindanaw has already provided a total of 74,685 liters of potable water to 1,496 families in 13 Evacuation Center in Balo-I, Pantar and Pantao-Ragat.</p>
<p>Additional SkyHydrants are currently on the way to the Philipines.</p>
<h3>Need for Shelter</h3>
<p>Balay Mindanaw have already distributed all the Disaster Aid tents and tarpaulins they held in stock.</p>
<p><strong>October Update</strong></p>
<p>A further 350 tents together with additional materials have now been dispatched.</p>

Dansolihon 2

On a recent visit to the Philippines Disaster Aid Australia Directors visited a SkyHydrant installation at Dansolihon Barangay.

This installation was set up as a partnership with the Rotary Club of West Cagayan de Oro and Balay Mindanaw.

The Barangay Captain, and his committee, told us they were very happy with the water quality however they would like to improve the access of the SkyHydrant water to more people. 

Following the initial inspection we met with the Barangay Committee where the Rotary Club of West Cagayan de Oro made a generous offer:

  • The club offered to finance the cost of water containers so that the Barangay would be able to deliver safe water to people within the community.
  • The club would help the Barangay to run a water supply business providing an employment opportunity for the current volunteer hydrant operator.
  • After a year of experience of running a water 'business' everything would be transfered to the Barangay, so they may continue as a co-operative.

This initiative is a great way of moving from a simple donation to investment in a Social Enterprise, ensuring a sustainable outcome.

Disaster Aid Australia congratulates the Rotary Club of West Cagayan de Oro on this initiative which can be a model for future installations.dansolihon 1


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S.Africa 1

Dave Tuzewski from Disaster Aid Australia recently travelled to South Africa to spread the Disaster Aid message. 

Initial contact with South Africa in regard to establishing a Disaster Aid South Africa goes back nearly 2 years when the current Governor of Rotary District 9400, Yankees Sligcher, saw our display in Seoul at Rotary International Convention.

The photo shows Dave on the right demonstrating the Skyhydrant to Mark Rainier and J.P. Schwartz from the Rotary Club of Warmbaths.

Dave and the Warmbath Rotarians attended a meeting of the WaterKloof [Pretoria] Club to talk about our aim of Safe Water for Every Child.

The equipment was also demonstrated to the Centurion and Pretoria Sunrise Clubs.

Rotarians have agreed to set up a display at the District 9400 Conference in June, to be held in Kruger Park.

The RC of Warmbaths are aware that we will help them with advice and guidance, but that a Disaster Aid South Africa must decide on how it establishs itself.





Optimized bali 1

In the remote Bali village of Tianyar thousands of people were evacuated from the danger zone of Mt Agung which continues to threaten to errupt.

These people lived  on the slopes of Mt Agung, away from the places where medical facilities, schools and jobs are scarce.

Life has been put on hold after they were moved from their homes and places of employment.

To compound their problems the water supply in the evacuation camp is contaminated.

This is where Disaster Aid Australia stepped in as part of their 'Safe Water for Every Child' program.

Partnering with the East Bali Poverty Project,a SkyHydrant filters has been installed at Tianyar to give clean, safe water and help the children attend school without the burdon of water borne illnesses.

Disaster Aid Response Team members Phillip Gribble, Andrew Gunn and Trainee Mark Hosking are planning to install a further two SkyHydrants in the next few days.

The residents of the Tianyar evacuation camp thank the Rotary Club of Scarborough who generously sponsored this filter.



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