A key purpose of Rotary International is to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world.Camarines boy

Probably the greatest humanitarian service is to ensure that people have access to safe drinking water.

Not only does it protect peoples health, but the strong appreciation of the benefit by the recipients builds a reservoir of goodwill to our donors.

If your Rotary Club want to get involved in an international project now contact Disaster Aid Australia.


Why Disaster Aid

Some of the reasons to talk to us are:

  • International Partners; We have strong links with Rotary and Non-Rotary organisations, that install our Skyhydrants at the lowest possible cost. 
  • Projects Ready To Go; We currently have a list of over 100 schools in Bhutan and the Philippines that need Safe Drinking Water.
  • Proven Technology; The SkyHydrant removes 99.999% of all Bacteria in water sources.
  • $5,000 will sponsor a SkyHydrant Installation; This delivers an International Project that make a real difference to a community of over 500, or over 1,000 children.
  • Opportunities for an Ongoing Relationship; Our 'Safe Water for Every Child' installation can be the first step of a long-term relationship between your club and a school, or community, in a developing country.


To find out more about our Internationally recognised solution to sustainably treating contaminated water: Safe water award

Look around this website: www.disasteraidinternational.com

Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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Our Philippine partner, Balay Mindanaw, have installed a Disaster Aid SkyHydrant in a displaced persons camp in Davao North.

The camp houses 300 indigenous people who have had to leave their homes as a result of armed conflict in the Davao del Norte area of the Philippines.

While news reports send photographs of the fighting what is sometimes forgotten is the daily struggles of those who have had to move away from their homes.

To get water mothers and children have to walk more than a kilometer every single day with a 5-gallon (almost 20kg) container on their back.

Even this water was contaminated with bacteria and has been identified as a major cause of illness in the camp.

For now, this Disaster Aid SkyHydrant will help protect the health of those in the camp by providing 5,000 litres of potable water every day.

Human dignity is threatened when people have no access to basic necessities like safe drinking water. 

It is a basic right regardless of situation, politics, gender, race, age or religion.




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san ramon build 1

When Disaster Aid Australia (DAA) delivers a SkyHydrant we believe that the recipient should have the opportunity to be a full partner in the installation.

In the case of a recent installation in the Camirines Sur region of the Philippines DAA provided the SkyHydrant, pipes, plumbing fittings and storage tanks.

The San Ramon Pilot National High School community, including the parents, agreed to construct a secure building to house the skyhydrant and support the storage tanks.

Although some guidance was provided by DAA volunteers the final details were approved by the school community.

The attached photographs show the construction well underway and include:

  • A sturdy rendered concrete block building.
  • The header tank mounted on the reinforced concrete roof.
  • A concrete platform for the filtered water tanks.
  • Galvanised steel roofs to protect the tanks.

Completion will include a steel mesh door so the installation will be secure.

As well as meeting the cost of the materials much of the labour was provided by the parents of the pupils.

San Ramon 2

With a partnership like this the SkyHydrant installation becomes more than a donation as the local community now have developed a personal pride in the installation.



If you want to support our award winning 'Safe Water for Every Child' project you can Donate Now

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2018Canada Fires1

A 'State of Emergency' has been declared in British Columbia with hundreds of wildfires burning across the State.

Thousands of residents have been affected by evacuation orders.

By August 15th this was already the fourth worst fire season on record, with a month still to go!

2018Canada Fires3

Disaster Aid Canada has been stepping up to help.

In 2017, Disaster Aid Canada was able to provide 7 x 20 ft containers of supplies to people affected by the BC Wildfires.

They could not have done this without the help and collaboration of donors, and volunteers.

This year they have already sent out 500 kits of bed linen, and personal hygiene items to evacuation centres.

Volunteers, like these ladies, will be making up further kits today. (22nd August).

Disaster Aid Canada will provide on-going support to those affected by this disaster as long as required.

To find out more you can follow the Disaster Aid Canada's facebook page


You can making a donation to the British Columbia Wildfire Campaign at the link below




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