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DAI Malaysia Annual Report 2015 - 2016

Pertubuhan Bantuan Bencana Malaysia (PMM-009-01-09072014)      
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ANNUAL REPORT -2015/2016

The Official name for Disaster Aid Malaysia is Pertubuhan Bantuan Bencana Malaysia (Malaysia Disaster Aid Association) was registered under the Registrar of Society on the 9th July 2014 as an Non-Governmental Organisation.
The members of the Board are as below:-

Chairman                          : PP Nelson Loong  (Rotary Club Of Johor Centennial)
Vice Chairman                  : PP KK Looi (RC of USJ )
Secretary                          : PP Fancy Tan ( RC of Johor Centennial )
Treasurer                          : PP Judy Chong ( RC of Bandar Utama
Committee Member      : PP KG Tan ( RC of Bandar Utama )
                                             PP Janice Lim ( RC of Bandar Utama )

Prior to the official formation of the Society all the above members of the Board had the opportunity to attend a DART Training Program conducted by Ed Cox  in the year 2013 and all our members have acquired the basic knowledge of what need to be done at times of a disaster happening.  As for me and KK Looi, both of us were sent to Australia to learn from Skyjuice foundation on the installation of the Sky Hydrant  after which we were able to put our knowledge to good use during our recent flood in Kelantan in the year 2015.  We were able to display and promote the skyhydrant system to Rotarians at a few District Conferences and District Assembly  over the last 2 years.

Disaster Aid Malaysia has been actively promoting Disaster Aid International and its partners in the Asean region by participating and setting up our display booth at District level in the hope of getting the District leaders and their Rotarians to know more about Disaster Aid International and its partners in order to work closely with the Rotary Clubs for the disaster relief works.  We plan to carry out more DART training programs in the future. 

Over the last two years, we have worked with the Red Crescent to carry out disaster relief works and also other NGO’s in raising funds for this good cause.  Since Disaster Aid Malaysia is a very young organisation,  we need to  promote and create lots of awareness among the Rotary Clubs and its members  on our products, services  and DART support so  that we can become partners in carrying out any Disaster relief works.

DAM would like to show her gratitude and appreciation to  DAI & Partners for all your  support and commitment rendered to us  all these years  and  DAM will definetly swim and grow with Disaster Aid International  and her other great Partners .  We would also like to thank David Langworthy for all his guidance and support  and all the Board members of DAI. 

To our DAM Team, especially KK Looi,  KG Tan, Judy Chong, Janice Lim and Fancy Tan, thank so much for your commitment and dedication in bringing Disaster Aid Malaysia to greater heights.

Chairman -Nelson Loong